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Vinted is a Lithuanian online marketplace and community that allows its users to sell, buy, and swap secondhand clothing items and accessories.

On MAY 2020 an angry customer wrote for sitejabber, sharing her experience with Vinted: Bought so many times with Vinted and paid buyer protection for every single transaction and the first time something went wrong with the postage I was obviously believing that the Vinted support would help me on the matter because in fact that's what I pay the buyer protection for. But they did nothing and basically told me that they can't do anything and it's my problem! I couldn't imagine a worse service


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Current Employee - Product Manager says

"They don’t respect employees nor customers, often wasting their time, nothing in this company is people centric"

Former Employee - CSA says

"lack of expertise from the lead"


"Zero company/employee transparency (no honest communication about companies plans)"

Web Content Manager says

"The wage was really low. Other than that everything seemed alright, I know for sure that a lot of people would love to work there even with the little pay."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The usual cons of working in a startup environment - many changes every other week."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"many issues related to hiring young and immature people. Management is made of ex-lawyers and other trades stripped of their license because of gross misconduct or because the been caught performing disgracefully. disastrous environment"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work consist of taking multiple photos of clothing pieces and posting to forum in wait for a frivolous spender. I immediately noticed people order from this site as a regular online store,this can put demands on the seller. However, management on Vinted is very certify, the support team of Vinted excels in informing workers how much they made so far how their business is going, whether its progressing or moving slow.Yet and still the hardest part is the customer demands for fast shipping.My most enjoyable time with Vinted is saling an used item, and recieving money.organized management of SalesHaving likes / Favorites & Swap slows process of Sales"

Lizzy says

"I’m never gonna use this platform anymore. The buyer can indicate that they are not satisfied with the product, which leads to them keeping the product and receiving a refund! Ridiculous! Don’t sell your products here, you will get scammed and the client services will not help you get your product or money back!"

Mw says

"Hands down the WORST selling platform on the market! Arsy arrogant rude excuses for customer service! Think there bad because they can block your account! Pathetic! I would avoid this company at all costs!!!!!! Run for the hills!!! No buyer protection! Scammers and thieves all over the platform!!!! No help no customer service! Just a joke personally petitioning and in touch with trading standards to have them shutdown!"

gonca torun says

Vinted does not protect the buyers! Sellers send wrong items and although sellers do the mistakes, Vinted makes buyers to pay all the sendings! They have a buyer protection but this not for buyers, but for a Vinted itself!"

franKeinas says

"They have removed the items that I had for sale and have blocked my account claiming commercial purposes, I had 9 items for sale. I don't know what the purpose of Vinted is if they themselves block users who sell new items."

Stephanie Ten Cate says

"What a terrible website when your purchase is wrong or not like the pictures. I bought a pair of worn balenciaga boots I knew this beforehand that the condition was worn. However I recieved the boots 13 days ago went on holiday to Dublin wore the boots 2 x and the straps on both boots broke off. Tried to contact Vinted and all I get back is sorry we can’t do anything. And the seller has now left the chat and I can’t leave a bad review about her. I sent her photos of the boots and all she said was sorry I can’t do anything about it. Literally did not give a toss!! Stay away from this site. The website and seller are both frauds. Don’t buy from them"

S. V. R says

"A parcel lost and Vintage send the seller a message I collected it and pays the seller.
They send me a message I collected the parcel to late and that it is send back to seller.
Contacted Vinted about it but they say they can not help and I have to contact the seller.
So why do I pay buyersgarantee?
Reading reviews online I see I am not the only one with this problems.
A pity.
Vinted, do something about this!!"

Anahit Avetisyan says

"Never trust these scammers. I sold an item, the buyer didn't like it, so she requested a return. I confirmed the return, she got her refund and never sent my item back. Next day I saw that the buyer is selling my item via her Vinted page for double price. Ok, it is her business if she manages to sell it. I contacted her asking to return my item since she got full refund, but she didn't respond (although was reading my messages). I contacted Vinted and they said that they are not responsible for returns and that I should manage it with the buyer myself. I asked them to block her account, they said that they can't do it. I asked them to contact her and request to follow the procedure and be so kind to return my item. They said they can't help me anyhow. I proposed them to put a deadline for returns before refunding money and you know what Vinted responded me "thanks for the tip, we will consider it for the future". This is not serious.
This platform is simply giving scammers a chance to enlarge their pootprint and fool more people. They don't have a call centre and their agent respond you without even reading your message."

Andrew CB says

"I bought some clothes using the Vinted app. One had an inaccurate description and the other one came in bad conditions. I read on their site that I had 5 days to sort out the return with the sellers, so I contacted them and tried to reach an agreement but they ignored my messages for 2 days. After this time I see that I can no longer file a claim because the app won't let me. The support team tells me that I missed my chance because I had 2 days and not 5 to do this. No point in trying to argue with them, they wash their hands completely. I'm pretty sure the sellers ignored me on purpose knowing about this so they could get away with their scam.


Kate says

"This app is piece of S"

J De jong says

"I paid for an item, the funds when off my bank account and yet on the app it said that payment failed. I can't seem to find a way of getting hold of anyone at Vinted via phone, mail or chat. I am hoping with this rating that someone would reach out to me to resolve this matter."

RB says

"Just had my account blocked “for commercial use”. I have over 650 advertisements with my clothing, toys and stuff and 85% of the time I lose money on my items as I am selling them for much lower prices than I bought it for. Obviously sometimes I am in luck and make some profit, for example when selling popular pluches that I used for an event (where most of them were cancelled due to covid).

It is impossible to contact vinted after you’re blocked. They don’t have mail, they don’t have phone, they don’t have facebooj helpdesk, so they simply let you go fck yourself. There is no option defending yourself against this faulty misuse. It’s like they have a witchhunt against active and large accounts!!!!

Vinted is earning a lot of money on my sales - I guess over at least €1500 in the past months plus obviously the “boost” I paid for regularly. It’s ridiculous that my account has been suspended without giving someone the chance to defend themselves. They sinply do not respond, do not care et cetera.

Additionally, they blocked my husbands account too - because now I would have two accoutns. What a bloody id*iots!!!!

Their terrible automatic messages are the most unfriendly. They won’t respond and if they do it feels like cooy paste."

X Æ A-17 says

"They remove items for no good reason and have blatant favoritism towards certain sellers. Spent hours typing out descriptions and taking photos, and then the items were deleted for false reasons, e.g. rubbish like auto messages saying genuine items are counterfeit. Searched around to see other sellers selling the same items with hundreds of feedback.

Shame, because if their customer service was better they could really rival eBay."

Marinella Laera says

"Terrible customer service. They didn't help me with a refund even when the seller agreed on a refund. They ignore my msg."

Ketevani says

"I sold item via Vinted. Buyer received item and cancelled it due to size. But vinted refunded money back to buyer without my permission. I did not receive my money and the buyer did not send back item after 2 weeks. This is really embarrassing how people do such things! But i blame vinted as they refunded money back to buyer even their policy says that the buyer has 5 days to send the item back. Shameful service!!!!"

Janine says

"Terrible!! Do not use!
Stick with ebay, I received an item which the seller mislead the size, when trying to return I had to pay for the postage, with no offer from the seller or vinted to pay the costs so was out of pocket!! Even though the return wasn't my fault, it's not like I didn't want the item, I did, if it was the size the seller said it was I would have kept it, absolute joke! They don't protect the customer at all. Seriously do not use!"


"I’ve not received any assistance from Vinted. I received an item totally different his description and Vinted ask to me pay return cost in order to obtain a reimbursement. Despite must pay 0,7€ + 5% of amount for protection which basically doesn’t exist. Unfair marketplace, to be kind. I also work for the second globally marketplace after Amazon and I can’t image a worst place for buyer. My aim is to draw the attention of EU committee for trade and Spanish consumer associations and also in Italy, my native country. Please image if I had received a second hand dirty socks in the box instead of a Gucci bag and for Vinted I should have pay sending back expenses to recover my two thousand euros.
One solution: chargeback and delete account."

ola shams says

"I bought from this app an item..they took the money and said I didn't buy it. After connecting the customer service they said they can't help me to get my money back. So bad experience with them."

Cathy Meijer says

"absolutly idiot! Vinted doesn't even investigate the complains the French buyers give. Just out of the blue they can change the subject en Vinted agrees to refund, without giving me a change to get my artikels back. Ofcourse it only happens with high profile brand articles. Vinted gave me the the instruction to try and solve it with the buyer outside Vinted, but there's the bottleneck, She a con!"

Samantha Squires says

"I have found vinted fine as a buyer, but for selling I would just stick to ebay. You don't receive any payment until your buyer confirms they have received the item, do if they claim they haven't youre stuck. They only use hermes now too so you have to find a drop off point and print a label. Hermes are known for being irresponsible with parcels also . For the second time I find myself still waiting for payment 9 days after sending the item. If you contact them all you get is a generic reply , you cant actually speak to an individual person. As I said, if you're buying its fine. But selling - lesson learned, stick to ebay."

Mirela says

5 stars for the idea;
5 stars for the majority of people using the platform;
I would say that if you buy/sell locally you have a good chance of everything going as it should (even with paying for the cheapest delivery).
If you buy/sell internationally then you will hit a brick wall at some point which can be a "lost" parcel or false allegations (scams).
There is no safety net for a seller if the buyer is a scammer.
Always check the profile for reviews and the last login, and also keep in mind that someone's idea of "good as new" might be miles away from your own...
Thinking on designer items/ thousands of euros there is not much support and i do not think it s a SECURE platform for this type of commerce."